New School Year

One of our Students with Certificate

Despite all the challenges from the pandemic, our students have completed the 2019/2020 School Year this past summer. As in many places all over the world, they had to complete their courses online and/or from home.

This creates a challenge for our program, as students do not have internet in their homes, and their parents have to go to school to get the course for the week, then bring them home for the student to complete. They can then use the internet at the centre to complete their assignments, while maintaining physical distancing.

We have students that were able to enroll in classes this fall, but the Philippines, like many other countries, has different levels of lock downs in place. They have been able to keep up with their courses using a combination of in class learning and online learning.

Our budget for this school year remains the same. We have a full time worker in the Philippines, and if anything, her workload has increased. She is continually monitoring the situation and working with teachers and students to facilitate the transition to online learning.

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