ATTN: for our donors I have uploaded some personal letters from our Students in the Philippines. Go to the “Student Letters” page and enter the password that was sent to you.  

New School Year

JUNE 1ST MARKS THE BEGINNING OF THE 2019/2020 SCHOOL YEAR We are looking forward to another school year. This is a picture of some of our new students in Tacloban. It’s wonderful to watch these children progress. From young students to college graduates. I am so glad to be a Continue Reading


Stepping Stones Didos Graduation 2019 All 24 students in the Stepping Stones Didos Program have completed the 2018-2019 School Year. One student has graduated from High School, and 7 have graduated from college!! All of our graduates have graduated with honors. I will have final grades available as soon as Continue Reading


Every year, our past graduates and collage students organize an outreach Christmas party for children in neighbouring Barangays(communities). This is an excellent opportunity to reach out to people in the community who are not enrolled in the Stepping Stones program. As they are extremely grateful for the love and support Continue Reading


12 Year anniversary of Stepping Stones This February, a group of Stepping Stones directors and friends visited our sponsorship program in Cebu, Philippines.  While there, they participated in an anniversary event to celebrate 12 years of partnership. A large group of people, consisting of current and past students, parents, teachers, Continue Reading

Medical Clinic

Medical Clinic-2019 This February, a team from Stepping Stones visited our sponsorship program in Cebu, Philippines. One of the many things that we did was to provide a medical clinic for communities in the area. The Doctors, nurses, and assistants were all there on a volunteer basis. A lot of Continue Reading